Our Boat

TSB Bank Sea Rescue was delivered in March 2011 after three years of fundraising and an 18 month build. She is now valued at $900,000. We needed a serious offshore rescue craft, so chose Bladerunner Boats in Auckland after noting they had built some very successful rescue vessels in South Africa, and trying out a Bladerunner boat locally.

We requested a special design of fairly shallow draught to allow launching in the boat ramp during low tides, yet steep-vee forward hull sections to maximise boat stability and crew comfort in rough conditions. Our black and yellow livery is, of course, the provincial colours of Taranaki.

She is built to Maritime New Zealand Survey standards which meant several extras, including four separators to remove salt spray from the engine instead of two, and bulwarks raised to 850mm to qualify for the distance we go offshore.

TSB Sea Rescue is designed for helicopter transfers at sea, so we can ferry casualties back to shore while the chopper stays at the scene if necessary.

The two 260hp four cylinder Volvo diesel engines power the boat through duoprop stern legs (propellers). Jet units are not suitable for launching in the boat race due to the danger of becoming disabled when seaweed gets sucked through.

Extra manoeuvrability is provided by electric bow thrusters; however TSB Sea Rescue is very nimble and can turn around in the boat ramp without them.


  • Length – 10.8m
  • Beam – 3.4m
  • Draft – 0.75m
  • Weight - 7.5 tonnes fully fuelled
  • Engines 2 x D4 Volvos (260hp at 3500rpm)
  • Drive 2 x  Volvo duoprop.
  • Fuel capacity 900 litres plus more on deck if required.
  • Top speed 38 knots (70km/h)
  • Fuel consumption 70 litres per hour at cruising speed of 27 knots (50km/h)
  • 400nm range (741km)
  • Carries 120 lt fresh water
  • Minimum six crew, certified to carry 24 people on board