Frog on Safety

Frank (Frog) Goodin, President of CESRT

After five years of hard work, thousands of volunteer hours, great sponsors, uncountable donations and very generous debenture holders, the CESRT is now in full swing. We operate a hardy, well equipped sea rescue vessel designed specifically for the unforgiving seas off the Taranaki coast. The vessel is capable of offshore and inshore rescue work and is on call 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. 

This vessel and the crew who sail her are not only available for any rescue work but are also very proactive in Safety at Sea education.The CESRT board believe that a little education in boat safety will save a lot of lives which would otherwise be needlessly lost.

The Trust encourages skippers and crew alike to make sure they not only have the necessary safety equipment on board (working vhf radio, epirb, flares, life jackets etc) but also ALL the crew know how to use them at a moment's notice. Too often, incidents at sea happen very quickly without warning and all emergency equipment is lost or even worse, no one knows where it is or how to use it. 

We firmly believe that all safety equipment on board a vessel should be kept in a waterproof "grab bag" within easy access and your crew be confident at using ALL items.

We wish all those who venture out to sea, for whatever reason, a safe and enjoyable journey. However, don't forget - safety is paramount.